Parent to Guide

The guides encourage parents to share information with them that relates to their child; from Dad being out of town for the week, to the child waking up at 5:00 am. Anything that happens to the child at home may impact his enjoyment, behaviour and success at school. This information is vital in helping the guides to better understand each child and helps them to ensure that all the students in the classroom have a day that is as smooth and joyful as possible. The guides also encourage regular communication regarding any late arrivals, absences from class, illness in the household, etc. However, if you wish to discuss any concerns about your child at length, please make an appointment with the guides outside of regular school hours.

Guide to Parent

The guides are likewise committed to informing parents about their child’s performance at school via informal conversations over the phone, by email or in person. Should any incidents occur in class, the guides will contact the parents directly.

The school also has two formal parent/teacher conferences each year with written reports given to all preschool children at the end of May. Kindergarten children receive a written report at the end of first term and third term. During the second term, Kindergarten children will lead a Parent-Child conference alongside the guide.

Additionally, the guides provide monthly memos to families.

Communications with the Principal

The principal may be contacted at any time by email (, phone (604-224-2643) or at the Jericho office during scheduled office hours. Please feel free to discuss any concerns that you may have with her directly. Additionally, each term the principal publishes a “Parent Education Newsletter”. These newsletters will be distributed electronically.