These are answers to some commonly asked questions about the registration process. For more information about our school, please see the “About Us” section and for more information about our curriculum, please see our “Why Montessori” section.

  1. What is the application process?
    New applicants should attend one of our our Open Houses. On this evening, you should submit an application form and fee (if you have not done so already.) Once we have your application, an observation of the class (adults only) and an interview with your child will be scheduled. When all interviews are complete, the school will contact you by phone or letter to notify you of your child’s status.
  2. Is there a wait list?
    We do not keep a traditional wait list. We do keep applications on file and consult these applications in the event of an opening during the school year. Your application will be considered if it meets the age and gender needs of the classroom.
  3. Are applications kept for more than one year?
    No, applications are only considered for the year of entry.
  4. If I submit my application early, am I more likely to secure a spot?
    No. We begin accepting applications on November 15th for the next school year. Placements are based on the observation/interview process; placement is not on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Can we observe the classroom?
    Current parents with children enrolled may observe during our observation months (November & May) or by setting up a time with their child’s Guides. Applying parents may observe the class after the Open House date if an application form and fee has been submitted for your child. The Guides will set up an observation (adults only) and interview time for you and your child. If you are applying for an opening in the current school year an observation of the classroom can be arranged with the Guides after the office receives your application and fee.
  6. At what age is my child eligible to attend for preschool?
    We accept children who turn three by December 31st of the year of enrollment.
  7. Can my 3- or 4-year-old attend for the full day if I enroll them in two sessions?
    No, licensing does not allow us to enroll preschoolers for more than one session.
  8. Does my child have to be toilet trained?
    Yes.  Your child must be completely toilet trained. Pull-ups are not permitted.
  9. What does a parent duty entail?
    We do not ask parents to participate in class.  We do however have parent duties that we ask each family to fulfill.  Examples of such duties include: laundry, year-end clean-up, playground maintenance, recycling, etc. If a family chooses not to complete a parent duty then they will be assessed one month’s preschool tuition in lieu of, for that school year.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns or questions.